Building a Brand

Case Study 

AeraRx, a new concept for the pharmaceutical industry, is a concierge pharmacy for employers that dramatically lowers healthcare costs. For a fixed fee per-person, they sell medications to employers at true acquisition cost with no markups – there are no middlemen, no negotiations, no spread pricing or hidden fees.



Web site design and programming
Brochures and print collateral
Tradeshow graphics
Targeted social campaigns

Brand Strategy

Differentiate AeraRx and its game-changing transparency from PBMs.

A concierge pharmacy for business is a new concept in the pharmacy industry. AeraRx needed a strong brand out of the gate that easily explained the concept and benefits. The brand needed a professional presentation to draw interest from investors and gain the trust of clients. As the new guy on the block, they needed to look and sound like the experts!


As with most start-ups, a strong visual presence was imperative to make up for being light on content. Creating a brand that could organically grow as content was developed was key. We used bold colors, simple graphic icons and striking typography.


We focused on crafting the perfect introduction to AeraRx. Keeping a complex concept simple, we set out to differentiate the pharmacy and define the benefits for employees and employers. In addition to targeting employers we were highly aware messaging needed to appeal to investors.

content is king

Not only should a web site be attractive to users but equally important is that it appeals to the bots that crawl it for content! After launching with a simple site, we immediately went to work on the 2.0 content-rich site. Along with in-depth explanations of a concierge pharmacy and its benefits, we worked to establish the site as an industry resource with articles and FAQs. Our SEO efforts included keyword research, integrating keywords throughout the frontend and using Yoast for backend optimization along with formatting for Rich Snippet search results.

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